momo beach house (1)

momo beach house (1)

I can still remember when a friend of mine told me that wearing black might make me look thinner. No, I was not offended, it made me happy. Since then, I started buying black shirts, black pants, black skirts, and even bought black shoes eventhough what I really wanted was to wear neon colored clothers (because it was “in” that time). But when I started blogging, I got tired of wearing black all of the time. I just realized that I still have a lot of options and black is just one of them. Hence, I found the confidence to dress the way I truly wanted.

Well, I know that I have been blabbing so, let’s get started. My bestfriend’s boyfriend invited us to his grandmom’s birthday and we were told to wear dress. But, being the rebel that I am, I chose to wear a skirt and a shirt. So, here is what I wore to his grandmom’s 90th birthday.

momo beach house momo beach house (3) momo beach house (2)

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