5 Reasons To Love Bluewater Panglao


Living in Bohol, I have always wanted to wander around the province and spend a night or two in one of the luxury resorts this island has to offer – one of which is Bluewater Resorts Panglao.

Nestled at the center of the exceptionally vibrant Panglao Island in Bohol, Philippines, Bluewater Panglao is a luxury resort which can be the tourists’ and Boholanos’ (alike) perfect vantage to enjoy Bohol since they have almost everything. If you want to know what I am talking about then, you have come to the right page my friend for I am about to unveil 5 REASONS TO LOVE BLUEWATER PANGLAO.


I can still remember how I screamed “WOW! This place is so serene!” to my sister when we set foot in the Bluewater Panglao property. Bluewater Panglao spells a lot but serenity is trule on top of the list.

img_3722 img_3621

I wouldn’t really want to say more about it so you’ll experience it yourself and tell me more about it.


I was given the chance to stay in their Premier Deluxe Room and truly, I was in awe! I loved how I can run and run and run inside my room. I can only imagine staying in their rooms with your other half. You can play inside their rooms.

But kidding aside, their rooms have almost everything that you might be needing. It has all the amenities you will need for a comfortable and relaxing stay. The room that we stayed in smelled fresh with top-notch amenities that are designed for business or even leisure travelers.

img_3603 img_3601 img_3595

I forgot to mention that not only are their rooms spacious, also their bathrooms. And when you opened their full-length sliding doors, you’ll have your own terrace / chill place outside your room.


If there is one thing that I would always take into consideration, that’d be privacy. Being a loner, I have always wanted to have my own time and my own space. Well, aside from staying in the room for privacy, I’d also want to have my own privacy whenever I take a dip in the pool or eat.

And for all the resorts that I have visited, Bluewater Resorts is probably the place where I felt nothing but more private.

img_3618 img_3637 img_3666

Since they welcome walk-in guests, they allotted a pool for their in-house guests and they have a pool for their walk-in guests. Hats off to this! Cheers, Bluewater!


When I went to Bluewater Panglao, I was lucky enough to have been given the chance to be part of their Marvel vs DC Halloween event. Kids, with their parents, and even some adults participated in the event. I was so happy to see kids enjoy and to see how their parents support their passion to dress up for the halloween. It was not a trick or treat, it was all treats!


img_3311 img_3455 img_3473 untitled-design-2 untitled-design-3 img_3378 img_3388 img_3392 img_3410

I was told by one of their staff that the week before the Marvel vs DC event was their Barrio Fiesta (they have Barrio Fiesta themed buffet dinner every Saturday night). And the week after my visit was their Pool Sunset Session.

Surprises await all their patrons so make sure to follow all their social media accounts.


This is definitely one of the reasons why I have always been wanting to be back in Bluewater. I can still remember how their staff would say Maayong Buntag (Good Morning), Maayong Hapon (Good Afternoon), or Maayong Gabii (Good Evening). Whateevr time of the day, their friendly staff would ALWAYS greet you.

And whatever you may be needing, their staff is always ready to assist you. They’re just a call away, definitely.


Dear Bluewater, you never fail to amaze me. From the photos to the real-life experience, you are incomparable. Truly, you cannot stop Bluewater Resorts to offer the best and luxurious resorts in the Philippines.

I can’t wait to write about my experience during my stay in Bluewater. So, keep posted!

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