5 Things I Miss About Cebu


I can still remember how I enjoyed going to school with my friends – attending classes with the same people from Kindergarten until high school, and having almost the same instructors from Kindergarten until High School. It was never hard for me, it wasn’t even reality for me. It was like going to the same place with my friends and never felt like going to school. But, things changed. As a 16-year old individual, I had to face the biggest decision of my life – what course to take in college and what university should I be attending to. I have always believed that whatever course or major I will be taking up will play a huge role in the job opportunities I’ll have in the near future. Hence, I decided to take a big leap and transitioned from the laid-back province of Bohol to the then booming city of Cebu.

The transition of moving to Cebu was never easy. I had to face different people of difference races with different beliefs and I had to adjust to the lifestyle of the people, and the place. However, it didn’t take me long to finally said that I fell in-love with Cebu. For 4 years, I have developed an attachment to Cebu and the people that I met. And now, I am writing this because I’m definitely missing the place. It’s almost a year of being back in Bohol’s loving arms. Though it didn’t feel like a year, I can’t help but write about the 5 Things I Miss About Cebu.

Gone were the days when I would ask my friends for an adventure and it would mean going to the nearest fast food chain even at 12midnight. When studying for exams would be associated to coffee breaks and pigging out. I miss ginabot and the pungko2 in Cebu. I miss the Siomai sa Tisa and Braddex steamed rice. I miss the coffee shops that we used to visit during study nights in IT Park and the infamous milktea.

Though we have restaurants (grand or not) here in Bohol, I still crave for the authentic Cebu dishes because my tongue asks for it from time to time. But seriously, THE FOOD in Cebu is definitely on the list.

For 4 years, I have tried living in a boarding house, rented a flat, and rented one room with my sister. I miss my room and our kitchen where I used to cook. I missed cleaning my room every now and then and I miss fixing my own bed in the morning. I miss everything about the place I used to live in. I miss the peacefulness of my place and locking myself inside my room whenever the weather is hot.

Gosh! Writing this is definitely nostalgia all over.

The thrill of being in Cebu is definitely something that I miss. Because whenever I step my foot back in Cebu after going home (Bohol), I suddenly feel the adrenaline rush through my veins. It’s either the thrill of being independent (again) or having to face robbery again. Sorry about this, I have been robbed in my first year in college.

But trust me, eventhough I am already in Bohol, I still miss the adrenaline rush whenever I am in Cebu.

I miss the feeling of competing in volleyball games with my friends. I miss the school programs. I miss the blogging events. I miss the getaways with my friends. I miss everything that I (with my friends) used to do in Cebu.

I wish I can still do the things and attend events with my friends here. I really wish. *sobs*

The items from 1 to 4 when summed up would equal to this. I miss my friends in Cebu. Though I am not saying that I don’t love my friends here but after comparing and contrasting, I’ve come up to the conclusion that I have made more friends in Cebu than here in Bohol where I grew up. I miss everyone in Cebu, the people whom I’ve been so closed to. The people who would stay up late with me just because I need someone to talk to or someone who would accompany me and my midnight cravings. Please people, pay me a visit here.


I’m not saying that I don’t love my friends here, I still do! Trust me, I love you! It’s just that, I can’t wait to be back in my Cebu friends’ loving arms. For a day, or more 😉

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