5 Things To Consider Before The Cebu Food Crawl

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I have been meaning to share my Food Crawl experience to you all since then but, I thought that it would be too outdated and that no one will be interested anyways but, thanks to my fellow blogger, Kim Charlie for sharing his post. It lit a bulb hence, this article.

The first Cebu Food Crawl happened last November 27-30 of last year. Though I was only able to join a day of the crawl, I had fun! I mean, I had so much fun. My schedule was too tight with work and family that I can no longer make it to the other days. But even if I only got the chance to visit a few restaurants (compared to the others), I still am sure that this article will be able to help you.

I know that some of the bloggers have not joined last year’s so, based on my experience, here are some of the things that I know will be of great help to us, food crawlers.

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1. Hunger Yourself
You need to make sure that your stomach is prepped up for this gastronomic adventure. You can eat crackers though but trust me, it’d be better if you won’t be eating a full meal before the start of the crawl. Because in my case last year, I had a full meal in Yoshinoya so I ended up not being able to eat a lot on that same day. So, take it from me. Eat crackers and not rice!

2. Charge Your Phones and Camera
Being a bogger, we are always expected to produce quality photos and considering the number of establishments that you will be visiting, it’s really going to be a long day. And mind you, charging your phone wouldn’t last that long neither. If you have a powerbank, the better.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes
Who would want to wear body-fitting clothes in this event? And who would wear something that would hinder you from enjoying the crawl? No one, I must say. Wear something comfortable but presentable.

4. Do A Research
Conducting a research before your crawl is a must. You wouldn’t want to end up like someone who doesn’t really know anything about the establishment you are to visit or you do not know anything about the food crawl at the very least. Let’s atleast try to know one or more.

5. Follow US on our Social Media Accounts
This is definitely the most important. If you want to know more about what’s happening, you need to follow us. We have live streaming and would even post quality photos real time in our Instagram Pages and Facebook Page so, make sure to follow us.

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If you are one of the bloggers who will be joining the crawl, please feel free to drop your Social Media accounts in the comment box below so we can do a follow for follow. Thanks!

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I cannot hold my horses anymore. I mean, I am so excited and I hope no one’s going to jinx me this time. I am definitely joining the crawl and I am going to experience Cebu through my stomach. Yes, my stomach. So long, readers! I will be back after this year’s crawl.

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