All As One: Thank You For The Love


For 21 years, I have always believed that my 2 hands have a very meaningful purpose in life – one is to help myself and the other is to help others.


Hence, when a very good friend of mine asked my whether or not I would like to join the Tree Planting / Feeding / Activity with the Kids last 20th of November, I didn’t think twice. Eventhough Sunday is a family day and as expected, I should be at home, chilling, I just had to do it. For no reason, I said YES simply because my heart was saying YES. After all, I believe that we don’t need a reason to help others.

We started the day with the kids. Early Christmas gift-giving and feeding with the kids, together with their parents, the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran, the Rotaractors, JCI Chocolate Hills members, 47th Infantry “KATAPATAN” Battalion and the Bohol Bloggers Collective members. God knows that I have a marshmallow heart for the elderly but, we should never forget the kids. We played some games, talked about anything under the sun, and we sure did have fun!


After spending some time with them, we then headed to the national highway of Macaas in Tubigon, Bohol to then start our tree planting activity. Going down on my knees under the scorching heat of the sun is so surreal. By the time I held the seedling, memories flashed back. I remembered how I flopped my then GSP subject in High School because tree planting is never my thing. All thanks to this tree planting activity, I was able to open my mind and my heart to love whatever I was doing. Tree planting is not bad after all. It’s never as bad as how I thought it would be.




Truly, that day was not about giving because it was more of learning. Though we invested time and effort, others financially, I personally think that what we gained is worth more than that. We gained new friends, new lessons to live by, and most importantly, we received the earliest Christmas gift – the smiles. The smiles of the people we’ve spent the day with.

And if I will be given the chance to join another activity like what we just had, I again wouldn’t think twice in saying YES. After all, helping the people may not change the whole world but, it can change the world of that specific person and nothing could be better than that.


The activity would have not been made possible without the people behind it. All thanks to Rotary Club of Tagbilaran Immediate Former President Mildred Kascher, CICO (Club Internet Comunication Officer) Joanne Phillips, Community Service Director Sarena Cabagnot-Saco, Vice President Mayelle Jubac, Rtn. Jaja JumamoyRotaract Club of Tagbilaran, JCI Chocolate Hills, Bohol Bloggers Collective Members; Bryan Agua, Randy Asoy, Eve, BBC Advisor, Mark Phillips and the 47th Infantry “KATAPATAN” Battalion.

After the activity, I’ve learned the most important lesson; “Helping others is not my responsibility in life. Rather, it is something that gives my meaning to my life.”

Photos taken by Bohol Bloggers Collective’s official photographer, Bryan Agua.

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