I know for a fact that eventhough we keep telling each other how much we love being together, we can’t change the fact that you will never be mine. And in as much as I would want to change our situation and change whatever it is that we have today, I just couldn’t, because the truth is, you will never be mine eventhough I am all yours.

I met you at the most unfortunate time – you were committed and so I was I. We were both entwined in a relationship we thought was meant until forever. But when I met you, things changed. My then vision of having a future with him became blurry because of you. Because the very moment I laid my eyes on you, you immediately caught my attention. Though it was a quick hi-hello, it didn’t change the fact that you are someone I’d want to get along with. And eventhough I was in a rush, I still noticed you and your sweet smile.

I really think you were cute and a little childish but turned out that you are beautiful and mature. I wasn’t even expecting that your personality is like that because you are the guy who was hard – so hard to really get close to. But you know, they say that life can sometimes be funny or it can also be a little bit mischievous.

I remember those candid moments where I’d see myself talking to you, eventhough I have never really imagined this all my life. We would talk about your life, your family, your failures and accomplishments, your disappointments, your past, your future, and would even talk about how your brother plays an important role in your life. After then, I found out that you are actually easy to get along with. You showed me how good you are to your friends and even to your loved ones. You showed me how you’d scold me with my decisions but will later tell me why you did so. Truly, I am in awe of you.

After talking about ourselves, that was when I realized I am drawn to you. I can then say that I would always love to be in your arms and would love to hold your hand all the time. I would love to talk to you about anything under the sun and I love how you make me crinkle my nose. I love how you piss me off and we’ll both laugh at it because pissing off the other partner would mean victory for us. I love how you threw the bottle of beer because you were drunk and I love how you talked to the wall when you were singing. I love how you tell me that you’re mad at me but I love it more when you tell me that you love me. I love everything that you do even if you can’t seem to love me too.

But this time, I have thought of a lot of things – Maayo unta ug ako imong ipailaila sa uban na imong uyab. Maayo unta ug akong kamot imong gunitan atubangan sa daghan na katawhan. Maayo unta ug sa kada naa koy iingon andam pod unta nimong buhaton. There are really those times when I would give and do anything just to be that girl. But then reality hit me hard and I realized that it can only remain as a dream. That US will only be a dream because in this revolving world, there is no US to begin with.

But even if it will hurt me forever because I won’t be able to claim and you and call you mine, I will still keep you in my heart. Always and forever. Te Amo, Mi Amore.

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