An Open Letter To The Wrong Guy

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Dear You,

It has been months since I first met you. I thought that we are going to be okay. We talked about a lot of possibilities and we even tried to talk about “US.” We talked about how happy life would be if it was you and me. We cared too much about each other that we’d try to go our own separate ways just to meet each other’s demands. You were so sweet and you loved almost everything about what I do. You made me laugh and you made me cry for no apparent reason. You made me feel like our friendship is going deeper. So here I am, thinking that we’re going to be better – that there’s more to us than being just friends.

Yes, you were sweet. You have been telling me things that would cloud up my mind at night and I, would end up dreaming of you. You were so great in the game I call love. I  just a snap, you made me believe that I am worthy of your time. You made me believe that I can be the girl you’d introduce to your parents. You made me believe that I am worth it. But after some time, something changed and I wish I knew how to mend myself.

I hate you for ruining my poetry. I am supposed to be making a poem about my love for you. But here I am, writing an open letter to you, hoping this will reach you. Fcuk you!

I have been into relationships but never have I looked forward to be with someone – than you. I thought that it’s going to be you and me until the end. I hoped and I waited but, where are you now? Where were you when I tried to open myself and answered you when you asked me? Where were you when I was brave enough to tell you YES? Where were you when we’re already supposed to be together?

You asked me, and just when I answered you, you left – without a trace. Is leaving better than saying: “I’m sorry, I cannot be with you” ?

For a while, I thought everything will fall into place. I kept on hoping that you’ll be back. I prayed for you – for “us” – to happen. But nothing happened and now, I no longer give a damn. To me, you are nothing but a bad memory. Now, you are nothing but a bad dream. Everytime you visit me in my dreams, I would always want to wake up from that nightmare. You are like a history that I don’t want to recall. You are like sore eyes, I don’t want to see you. You are like shit, I don’t want to smell you. You are like a skin disease, I shouldn’t go anywhere near you. Babe now, you are nothing but a mistake.

I can’t hold on anymore. I can’t keep holding on to someone who is no longer there, someone who would only show when he needs something, or someone who would talk to me because he’s bored. I am not your game, for pete’s sake! I can no longer stand building a brick wall for you. I may sound like an airhead but dang! Why have I been closing my door to someone who tried to pursue me? Why am I inlove with you? Please, hear me shout!

I am tired and helpless. I broke my own being into pieces for nothing. I hurt myself just to let you go and I felt so stupid for doing so. So long, you! I wish to never see you. Like, ever, again.





  1. I can feel every pain, I’ve been in love for (counting my fingers) countless of times already. My heart has been broken for several times too and I know how it felt. Every single time it happens I just cry it all out and the next day I’m okay. I just have to tell myself that everything happens for a reason, and if someone left, a better one will come so soon. I even wrote something like this on my blog too and it helped. You’ll be okay soon or even better 🙂 Just look at the bright side. Always be strong 🙂

    Rica |

    • Thanks Rica – this motivation is just what I needed. I’m glad I am not alone in this game. We’ll be better 😉

  2. Ahhhh…to be young and…desperately in love? LOL. It was never meant to be gyud daw. And as gross and anger-provoking our past (un)relationships might have been, they happened for a reason. And they make us stronger and brought us where we are today. Charot.

    But seriously though, it’s nice to think of the good times pud. I do…and it kinda makes me wonder why things happened or why they happened that long. HAHAHAHA!

    Whether the right guy will come or not, you will get to be where you’re supposed to be. Or maybe where you want to yourself to be. (I’ve yet to figure that out.) Regardless, you’re still young so enjoy! 🙂

    • Oh my gosh. I hate to think that I’m still young because it would only mean more strict rules from my parents. Lol! But seriously, he’s hurt me too much. Gah! I can’t put my disappointment into words, really.

  3. I fell in love to wrong guy years ago. I thought he was the one because he’s so sweet and caring. Texting him every night is one of the best feelings and now, I miss him. 🙁

    • Ohmygosh. I know exactly how you feel. And when you send him a message, it will take too long for him to reply. 🙁

  4. Awwe, this is so sad. I can feel you by just reading this article. I hope it gets better and hoping for the right one to come. I know there will be a time that you’ll be able to read this post and you’ll just laugh about it. Enjoy being single, then when the right one comes, you’ll know better. 🙂

    • That is exactly the reason why I wrote this, so I’ll have something to laugh about in the near future. Thanks, Kris! I will defo enjoy.

  5. Honestly. It’s quite devastating to find out someone you thought you connected with pretty well wasn’t just on the same level, either to begin with, or something just changed that made it that way. I just hope you find the peace–for the lack of a better word and feel much better about the whole thing soon. Might take a bit of time, but you’ll get there no problem. We all do. 🙂

  6. I don’t wanna say this but that guy is such an a-hole. Phew! Haha! Okay. Someone out there is perfectly meant for you and one day you will thank that douche who he left you because you will find someone better and someone who truly deserves you. 🙂

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