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Don’t  get me wrong – I know exactly what love looks like and I know exactly how love feels like. But, do you? Because if I haven’t met love yet or even if I haven’t crossed paths with love, I know love exists. I know that we are under the same sky and I know that we breathe the same air. And even if we have not seen each other for 21 years yet, I know that when the right time comes, I will recognize love.

Love is not perfect, they say. But I’d like to think that even if love is not perfect, love should forget about it. That even if love is not flawless, love should learn to accept it. Love is the reason why people who have found them, are happy. Love is the reason why people feel beautiful about themselves – because love completes them. Love is the only one who would tell you that you’re beautiful even if you don’t want to hear it. And even if you just woke up or even if you’re in your ugliest state, love would still tell you that you are the prettiest. And when no one else will tell you that you’re beautiful, love will.

But, I’d like to think that love (for me) came at the wrong time – at the wrong place. Because the moment I thought that I have met love, the timing is wrong and the situation is not right. When I am all set and my heart is ready to commit, my brain is telling me not to. So, are you really love? Because in our case, I don’t think so.

Love is not selfish but, I wouldn’t want to be the second best. Love does not envy but, I hate how you make me feel like I am not the only one. Love does not boast but, I love to wrap my arms around you and tell the whole world about love. Therefore, love is not us. And maybe, love is not yet ready for me and I am not yet ready for love. Maybe love is set to meet me in the next 10 years when my hair’s turned grey or maybe love will never show up. Who knows?

But one thing’s for sure: when love shows up, I will open the doors of my home and if love decides to leave, I will leave the door open for love to come back. And when love’s back, I sure will make love feel comfortable so love will never leave. AGAIN.

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