BeautyMNL: How’s Your Shopping Experience?


Eversince online shopping existed, I thanked God for its invention – this is definitely one of the best gifts to mankind. Floaters are no longer the only saviour to mankind since online shopping’s existence. Whether you’re a mom, a dad, a working adult, a teen, or even when you’re a stay-at-home individual, online shopping can definitely be your bestfriend. And of course, what is online shopping when you don’t have a favorite? For anything related to beauty, my eyes are set on the prize – BEAUTYMNL.

BEAUTYMNL is focused, but not limited to skin care products for they offer cosmetics, hair care, and even accessories. Tell you what, I actually have thought that BEAUTYMNL only offers local brands but their website proved me wrong – they have a lot! I was really surprised when I browsed through their website and found a lot of good big names of brands listed.

Here are some of the products I’ve purchased from their website:

St. Ives Face Scrub Blemish Control Apricot 6oz
CLAIM TO FAME: A facial scrub that helps stops breakouts
Link: St. Ives Face Scrub Blemish Control Apricot

Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash
CLAIM TO FAME: A facial wash perfect for lightening dark spots and correcting uneven skin tones in as early as 1 week
Link: Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash

Pond’s BB Cream Beige
CLAIM TO FAME: A whitening cream plus light foundation for a naturally flawless no-makeup look.
Link: Pond’s BB Cream Beige

GT Bleaching Soap and GT Carrot Soap
CLAIM TO FAME: A coconut oil-based soap that whitens and smoothens skin
Link: GT Bleaching Soap and GT Carrot Soap

I ordered my treats on the 24th of this month and it immediately arrived on the 28th of the same month. Girls! What else do you need? Aside from having a wide array of products to choose from, you get the chance to have your products delivered on your doorstep 5-7 days from your ordered date if you’re from outside Metro Manila and a day after once you’re in the metro.

I knew for sure that when BEAUTYMNL tapped me to be their partner and I said YES, it wouldn’t be a dismay and I am never wrong. Thank you, BEAUTYMNL for being the bomb!

So, I know that right after reading this article, you’re going to skiddle-doo and order your own treats, right?

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