Dumaluan Beach Resort 2 Getaway


I have been living in Bohol for 21 years and have visited Panglao a lot of times. And for that 21 years, no place in Panglao have given me such satisfaction and home-y feel than Dumaluan Beach Resort 2.

Last Saturday, the 17th of September, I, together with my sister, were invited to Dumaluan Beach Resort 2, and I couldn’t say ‘no’ to such offer. Who would decline an invite in Dumaluan? NO ONE. We’ve decided to be tourists in our own place hence, we decided to take a public transit instead of the usual car, van, or even a motorcycle. We boarded a loaded jeepney going to the resort and the ride was worthwhile though I know for a fact that we’ve pestered some of the passengers since we’ve been asking the other passengers if we’ve reached our destination or not.

The sun was scorching hot but trust me, when we reached our destination, I forgot about the buckets of sweat. Dang! Panglao, specifically Dumaluan Beach Resort is gorgeous! I mean, if you can take a look at the photos, it will speak for itself. Dumaluan Beach Resort has 11 types of rooms. You can check them here.

13untitled-design-8 untitled-design-6 untitled-design-2 They have their own pool in which you can use from 8AM to 10PM since they clean it for health purposes. But, if you are like the others, they also have a long stretch of white sand shoreline and gorgeous waves to entertain you. They also have activities that you can enjoy while in the place. What else do you think is missing? Well, only one! Dumaluan Beach Resort 2 is missing YOU. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book a stay in this immaculate haven.

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For booking and reservations, please call or email:
 (038) 502-9092
✉ dumaluanbeach@yahoo.com
✆ +63-917-8834888 | +63-939-9045517

Or, you can also visit their site: www.dumaluanbeach.com


  1. This makes me wanna go to Bohol very soon! The last time I visited the island was 3 years ago. Been to Panglao twice but never heard of this resort. I will introduce this to my family so they’ll check this out as well. You’re such an angel. Finally, I won’t be having hard time na looking for a place to stay in while in Panglao.

    • Dumaluan is actually one of the first resorts Panglao, if not the first. Yes, please. And tell me when you’re around 😉

    • Oh! I think that’s the Dumaluan Beach Resort 1, they not have DBR2 which is the one in the post. You should visit Bohol soon and visit DBR2. 😉

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