Dumaluan Beach Resort Will Make You Fall For Bohol Even More

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My buds have been calling me a narcissist because of the title but hey! They can’t blame me. Yes, I am a Boholana and yes, I am inlove with Bohol. And I am pretty sure that to all those who have been in Boholm, no one left our humble island with a heavy heart.

If you have been to Bohol, you pretty much know that Bohol boasts its scenic white beaches and your visit will not be complete if you’re not going to spend a day or two in the famous, Panglao Island in Bohol.

Bohol sure does have a lot of beaches where you can enjoy the day or even spend your night in a specific place. Last Summer, I, together with some Cebu Bloggers were invited to a “Seas The Day” tour in Bohol. Though I am originally from Bohol, I can’t help but volunteer and join them in promoting our humble island. Because, why not? After all, I am all for promoting Bohol and its people.

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We already had our itinerary set and one in the list is to visit THE Dumaluan Beach Resort and try their “Kayaking” activity.

After knowing that we’ll be given the chance to try kayaking, I got even more excited. Because last time I did kayaking was in Oslob and it was like months ago. But not only is that the reason for my excitement. Because when we were told that we’ll be given the chance to see their new rooms, (YES! they’re expanding figuratively) I got even more excited.

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Having THE Dumaluan Beach Resort as my family’s and friends’ “go to” resort in Bohol, knowing that they’re adding new rooms really piqued my interest. I will no longer have to bring a tent or use their “kubo’s” for an overnight stay because, THEY NOW HAVE MORE ROOMS!

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And as I was saying, we were given the chance to try their Kayaking Activity with the Bohol Paddlers Association. Yes! The Bohol Paddlers were our trainers. How luckier can we even be? They taught us how to paddle “the right way” and even told us to NEVER BE AFRAID OF THE WAVES THAT WILL COME YOUR WAY. I don’t know if that’s only for the kayaking activity though.

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Surely, our 3-4 hours stay in THE Dumaluan Beach Resort is bitin. I really need more hours or is even planning to do an overnight stay in their NEW ROOMS because trust me, I fell more inlove with the place and with Bohol, – LIKE EVEN MORE.

I made a separate blog post for Dumaluan’s Room Accomodation, Activities, and Etc. Please visit:

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