Having been a proud Boholana for 22 years, it is almost impossible for me to leave my humble island but, I actually did. I had tertiary in the Queen City of the South and surprisingly, I survived for 4 years in the busy streets of Cebu. But, we’re not here to talk about my personal experience. And more so, I’m not writing for you to know my struggles back then…. or, maybe I am. Because for that span of 4 years, the struggle of traveling to and fro Bohol was hard.

It was hard to book a ticket, hard to look for a fancy seat, and the hardest? It was SO HARD to feel safe during my travels. Not to throw shade at any vessel traveling to and fro Bohol but yes, I faced gigantic waves during the not-so -friendly weather and have shed buckets of sweat when the sun was scorching hot. But hey, this sounds so boring now so, shall we skip?

That may not be interesting enough for you so, let me tell you that there’s a new vessel that can give you nothing but pure satisfaction and convenience during your travel. Did that pique your interest? I know it did. Keep reading.

With a vision to contribute to nation-building by being the industry leader and standard setter in the ferry transportation business, FastCat Ferry aims to connect Philippine islands and neighboring countries by providing safe, fast and convenient ferry transport.

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Specifically built and designed to be a Catamaran Ferry, FastCat has arguably become the best design for ferries because of its speed, stability, and large capacity. Wait, did I mention that since FastCat is designed to be a Catamaran, it is a type of multi-hulled boat or ship consisting of two hulls which can be sail or engine-powered. How cool is that?

Since you’re reading this, I might as well give you a tour of the vessel. Shall we?

Can hold up to 34 cars and 7 trucks or buses

With a wide selection of food and beverages

Fully air coniditioned, LCD TV, can accommodate up to 63 passengers with a huge leg room

Fully air conditioned, with 2 LCD TVs, and can accommodate up to 105 passengers

Open area and can accommodate up to 107 passengers

Runs the latest, state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems

I hope you enjoyed our quick tour. Truly, when we had our (literal) tour in the vessel, I was always in awe with how précised and well-thought the vessel really is.

FastCat truly live up to their slogan; FerrySafe, FerryFast, FerryConvenient because I can be a living testament. Can you?


Photos are owned by Sarah Ladeza unless stated otherwise.

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