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I can still remember when my friend asked me: “If you are to die tomorrow, what viand will you bring with you in your tomb?” Without a doubt, I answered Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings. I know I sounded like a kid but hey! You can’t blame me. Chicken Wings surely make me happy and if there is one viand that I can eat for the rest of my life, it will still be Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings.

FYI, I stayed in Cebu for 5 years and the struggle to look for a decent place to eat hot and spicy chicken wings back then was real! I mean, not until I stumbled upon a blog post stating that there is a new mini-house / mini-restaurant at Holy Family Village II in Banilad that boasts their “HOT AND SPICY CHICKEN WINGS!” So, you now know how ecstatic I was after reading the blog post, yeah?

Gibbs' Hot Wings (1) Gibbs' Hot Wings (2) Gibbs' Hot Wings (3)

So me, myself, and I hurriedly braved the Cebu traffic and even traveled from Labangon to Banilad just to try this new haven in town. Yes, I was that excited! I didn’t think twice. I had to experience this hot and spicy chicken wings myself. But when I entered their black front door and sat on one of their chairs, I did not only order their original chicken wings, I ordered their pasta too. Ohmygosh! I can still remember how I felt that time!

Their hot and spicy chicken wings have 5 levels and it’s up to you as to what level you can take – whatever floats your boat. But boy I’ll tell you, GIBBS CHICKEN WINGS’ ARE THE BOMB! Though I am not sure if you’re taking my all caps as an intense showing of emotion though. And Im’ma tell you one secret, I even joined one online contest just to win Gibbs’ gift certificates and boy, I won! See? I am that in-love with their hot and spicy chicken.

Gibbs' Hot Wings (4) Gibbs' Hot Wings (5) Gibbs' Hot Wings (6) Gibbs' Hot Wings (7)

However, upon my next visit, they already moved to the second floor of Streetscape Lifestyle Mall, Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City. But nevertheless, their chicken wings is still as superb as ever!

And I was even more ecstatic when we, the Food Crawlers were informed that Gibbs’ Hot Wings will be one of the restaurants that we’ll be visiting. Gah Gibbs! You are nothing but consistent – from last year’s Food Crawl up to this year! Though I was not able to visit Gibbs’ due to peer pressure, I’d still write about them because they deserve all praises for their chicken wings.

But don’t fret because if I will be back in Cebu, I’d still visit Gibbs’ Hot Wings!!!!! See you, Gibbs! I’ll be back in Bohol and will definitely revisit. *wink*

For bookings and reservations, you may contact them at +63 32 349 2103 or +63 922 642 4888. You can also check their Facebook page for upcoming events and updates.

Photos were grabbed from Sinjin Pineda of but were edited for blog purposes.


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