I Love You, Goodbye!


Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, and it already felt like forever. Our love story was extraordinary, it was the kind of love story I would love to reminisce but would not want to revisit. Because eventhough it was great, it was only great to be remembered and not rekindled. And before I forget about you and about us, allow me to put my sentiments into words. Allow me because the way you ended US was something that I wasn’t expecting – it was too painful.

I remember the days when life was easy
When life was just between you and me
I remember the days when we were only all about love
And the days when YOU was all that I have

So allow me. Allow me to remember some nights – those nights filled with laughter about our mishaps and about others. Those long night walks and long night drives, allow me to remember. Those nights when tears were turned into laughter because tears are for the weak! Allow me, allow me to reminisce those nights that we had.

I remember the way your laugh would echo in my ears, and I loved it. I love your laugh, your giggles, your voice, your sobs, and everything. I remember how we would talk for hours may it be during the day or night, and those pigging outs together, those I remember. I remember how our fingers were intertwined or our palms clasped. I remember how we share whatever that we had because that is what our life was all about. You and me together, forever – those are what I remember.


Here I am, left alone, sitting
Sitting and left wondering
Wondering what I did wrong in your being
Because as far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing

But I understand, you ended US because we simply just can’t be together. I loved you too much forgetting that I shouldn’t. I loved you too much that now, I’m hurting, crying. But I remember a friend once told me: “In order to keep the person you love from falling apart, you have to let them go.” Here I am, hurting but is still coping because the words you used against me were too powerful, those were too heartbreaking – it broke my whole being.

I told you I love hard and that I love intensely
So, I don’t see the point why you’re blaming me
I don’t understand why I am at fault when all I did was love you
Loved you eventhough I told you I’m not expecting anything from you

I really want to tell you everything before I let you go but, I can’t. Eventhough I’m writing this, the girl behind this long post can’t even be real with her feelings for a guy like you. You’re my kryptonite and you have to know that. I can’t say the words my heart’s been meaning to say. I have a lot of words left unspoken but, I’ll keep these with me. I would have to bury these and just let go. I can’t hold on when you’ve already let go. I’ve done my part and you’ve said what you want to say. All that I can do right now is let you go and give you the freedom that you’ve asked for and continue hoping for our paths to NEVER CROSS AGAIN because when you told me to let go, I immediately wanted to say I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH TO LET GO.

Babie Sarah Ladeza

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