Call it whatever you want to call it but the last Miss Calape held was way back 2012. Some would say disappointing but most would say it’s interesting. Interesting because one would be left asking: “Why did it stop?” But nevertheless, this year’s Miss Calape is going to be spectacular!


Ten lovely ladies with impressive credentials and possess the minimum requirements have been selected as the official candidates after hurdling two tough screenings. Though there are 33 barangays in Calape, 15 lovely ladies representing their corresponding barangays vied for the spot of competing for Miss Calape but, only 10 made the cut.

From that alone, the organizers can assure you that they’re going to give you a good show. And what is this post without a glimpse of the candidates? Meet then ten lovely candidates for Miss Calape 2017!!

As I was saying, this year’s Miss Calape is going to be spectacular. Hence, they made sure that this year’s pageant is going to be interactive. To encourage the participation and support of the other Calapenhons abroad, they opened its official Facebook Page.

But there’s more to that! Because pageant fans can also vote for their favourite candidate through the People’s Choice Award and the SMART Texter’s Choice Award. Visit their FB Page for the guidelines.

Truly, Miss Calape 2017 is a force to be reckoned with. Because after 5 long years, this year’s Miss Calape will earn the distinction of being the first to wear the crown beautifully designed and crafted specifically for Miss Calape by Mark Tenchavez of Shandar Jewelry & Shoe Company. The crown symbolizes and expresses the beauty, intelligence, confidence and power of the Calapenhon woman and the Boholana in general.


Miss Calape 2017 is going to be the town’s festivity highlight. But what is that without the pageant highlights, yes? This year’s pageant will incorporate the latest technology in computer graphics and LED wall in the production aspect of the pageant. All the ten lovely candidates will compete in swimwears, evening gowns and casual interviews before the five finalists will be known.

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Truly, there’s a lot to expect in this year’s pageant. They’ve come prepared and they’ve prepared well enough to surprise you all. But wait! Have I told you that I have my own bets already? Well, there you go! I have my personal bets and I want to know yours too. Leave them in the comments section below and let’s talk more.

PAGEANT NIGHT: Wednesday, May 10, 8 PM, Calape Cultural Center
TICKETS: P300, P200, P100, P50

TALENT NIGHT: Sunday, May 7, 8 PM, Calape Cultural Center

Photos are from Mr. Ric Obedencio

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