Revamped Greenwich Pizzeria in Tagbilaran – ICM Branch


Greenwich reached another milestone for having opened another Pizzeria store in the country. 


Truth be told, we are loving the new look of Greenwich Pizzeria. It is totally different from what we grew up with – Greenwich Pizza ICM. Though quaint touches of the color green is still visible, we can’t help but appreciate the wood and brick elements Greenwich Pizzeria offers. It is totally a combination of modern, chic, homey, contemporary, and classy.

I was fortunate enough that I, together with my Greenwich barkada were invited in the revamped Greenwich – ICM branch last October 29, 2017.

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And wait, I just have to say that their framed posters with quotes and pizzas and whatnot are truly eyecatching. It is truly instagram-worthy which everyone (I’m assuming) would want to see on their IG-feed. Nonetheless, aside from their revamped pizzeria, let’s not forget to mention that they have replaced the then Pearl Coolers to something even better – Choco Loco is my new favorite!

Truly, the new Greenwich Pizzeria in ICM is a concept that targets the hip and millenials to have a place where they can hung with their Greenwich barkada and family.

10 7 4 3 2The new Greenwich Pizzeria is located at the Lower Ground floor of the Island City Mall in Tagbilaran City (then ICM foodcourt).

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