Why 21? Why not 5, 10, 15, or 20? Well, why not? I mean, I am 21 years of age so I think it is just right for me to do 21 Facts About Me instead of those irrelevant numbers, right? So, keep reading…..

In as much as I’d love to write something related to what people want, I just think that it is but right for me to start off with a blog post about myself. Yes, I have been into a few number of interviews but no, I am more than what meets the eye and what your ears hear. Sit straight, lock your eyes on the monitor, grab a bucket of popcorn, and focus, for I am about to unveil The 21 Facts about Sarah Ladeza.

  1.  I am Sarah Ladeza. And in as much as I’d want people to call me by my first name, Babie, I just can’t – End of Story.
  2. I am the youngest among 8 siblings. Yes, 8, deal with it!
  3. I am 21 years of age but, I look old – I know. You needn’t to rub it in my face. Again, I know it.
  4. For 21 years, I have never tried to weigh normal for my age. I always weigh more than what’s supposed to be for my age. Yes, call me plus-size, NOT fat.
  5. I have a thing for sports. Name it, I’ll sure have something to say. I mean, am a self-proclaimed sports addict.
  6. I currently have an obsession for shoes. Rubber shoes, loafers, slip-ons, sneakers. Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll love it.
  7. I am Roman Catholic. Not that this is not normal but, am not trying to judge any one this is why in as much as possible, I tell everyone this to avoid discussions and offense.
  8. If there is one viand that I can eat for the rest of my life, it would be Fried Chicken. *leaves computer table and grabs fried chicken*
  9. I am vertically-challenged. But, that doesn’t hinder me from playing volleyball. How’s that, midgets?
  10. In as much as possible, I say what I always want to say. Not that I’m tactless (though I sometimes am *winkwink) but, I just want people to know that I can speak for myself and hey! no one’s perfect so we’re always not right.
  11. My last boyfriend is now a father. I don’t know whether or not I should be happy about this but, I just feel happy for them. So, they deserve a spot here. *wink wink
  12. a few friends. That’s all, thank you.
  13. I am an aspiring host. Yes, I had a few hosting trainings but, I was only able to host a formal event, twice. *cries* So if you have events…… *wink
  14. I was born and raised in the humble paradise of Bohol – in the beautiful town of Tubigon.
  15. Eventhough I am a plus-size woman, I try my best to wear something that would complement my built. Cheat!
  16. For my 21 years of existence, I have had a fair share of jobs. But no, am not telling you. Lol!
  17. If I hate someone, I really hate that person. Sorry, am not hard to please but, deal with me and my attitude problem.
  18.  I’m a self-proclaimed BLOGGER. Yes, I’m claiming it. I’m a blogger, not a professional blogger.
  19. I have a marshmallow heart for the less-fortunate and the old. Idk why but, they just turn me into this great angel of mine.
  20. I would never trade my immediate and extended family to anything nor anyone. NO NO NO! Hurt them, I kill you!
  21. I LOVE MYSELF. Call me narcissistic for I really am but, who would love myself better than yours truly too, right?
Well, there you go. The 21 Facts about the lady behind this humble blog.

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