Spoken Word Poetry at Fred’s Book Cafe


Honestly, it took me a while to come up with a title for this article. I had to do A LOT of revisions and decided to have it as it is because, I don’t really want my article to be overwhelming. My feels while reminiscing  the spoken word poetry event is more than just overwhelming hence, let’s keep it simple.

For 21 years, poetry has always and will always be my escape for everything. Whether I’m happy or feeling blue, poetry is my way of expressing everything. It is my way of letting the people know about how and what I’m feeling. And when I learned that the Bohol Bloggers Collective will be hosting a spoken word poetry night at Fred’s Book Cafe, I didn’t think twice. “YES!” was my immediate answer. because, who doesn’t like spoken word poetry?

On the 21st of November, the Bohol Bloggers Collective hosted its first Spoken Word Poetry at Fred’s Book Cafe with the theme: “Seasons of Love.” Girls and boys of all ages shared their love for poetry and music during that night, including yours truly.

Allow me to share my piece to you all. This is from Maymay Cantillano’s “Kapag Nakita Mo Na Siya” translated to bisaya and revised some lines, now; “Kung Makit-An Nimo Siya.”

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Trivia: On that same day last year, Fred’s Book Cafe opened its doors to the bibliophiles and the like.

Truly, it was a night of fun, love, music, and again, fun. All thanks to Fred’s Book Cafe for allowing us to celebrate your anniversary and for spreading love all throughout Bohol. We’ll continue to spread love by doing the Book Drive Project – a project of the Bohol Bloggers Collective where you can donate your used / unused books that we can give to the kids of Bohol.

Always remember to never stop writing and to keep the music playing.

Photos were taken by BBC’s official photographer, Bryan Agua.

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