What To Give Your Special Someone For Christmas?


To what is considered the most beautiful time of the year is fast approaching. And with all the hustle and the bustle we have to go through every single day, looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones is pretty hard these days. Christmas shopping is hectic enough without having to guess what your loved ones on your gift list would want this year. If you’re skeptical with what he/she would want, this list can definitely help you find the perfect present to delight them when Christmas comes.

If you share the same dilemma, then I have an answer for you – 10:31 BY CHEF M’s Christmas Products because, what is better than giving your loved ones with something sweet and delicious? Nothing. Christmas gifts can surely be tricky. Luckily, 10:31 by Chef M’s Christmas Products can never go wrong. You can give these to your loved ones and they would surely be elated to receive such, that’s for sure.




10:31 by Chef M’s Christmas Collection is only available from the last week of November up until the last week of December. After which, they will be back to displaying their cupcakes displayed on their day to day basis. And wait, they are not to be missed too.

Let’s start off with their CUPCAKES!



      It has a chocolate moist cupcake base and of course the marshmallows on top.


      Personally, this is my favourite! I have always been a fan of Reese’s and being able to see it on top of a moist chocolate cupcake is simply heaven. Whaat more is having it as a chocolate spread filling? Mygosh. This is definitely heaven!


      It has a chocolate moist base with mocha chocolate frosting topped with nuts and the Hershey’s bar chocolate.


      Getting the inspiration from the famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Chef M made sure to incorporate something related to it. Hence, the Hershey’s Kisses. It has a chocolate moist cupcake base with white chocolate frosting drizzled with chocolate shavings topped with the Hershey’s Kisses.


      After all the sweets we get from the aforementioned cupcakes, this is definitely something that we shouldn’t miss! It has a banana cake base with white chocolate frosting topped with mixed chocolate chips and banana butter for texture.

What about their cakes? Yes, they have cakes too!


      Personally, I hate anything strawberry but this is definitely something that you should try. Because not only does this look good, it tastes good too! They call it the very berry since it’s a strawberry sponge cake with strawberry filling and strawberry frosting with strawberry ganache on top.


      Since rainbow cakes are so mainstream and 10:31 by Chef M is offering something different from the ordinary, I call it the Unicorn Cake.. This cake is all about fun for kids and fun for the kids at heart. Thought instead of the usual colouring on the sponge cakes, they used flavoured cakes that will go well together.

      It is comprised of Ube, Mango, Pandan, and Strawberry sponge cakes frosted with white chocolate drizzled with sprinkles and rainbow jellies for added colours.


      From the words itself, CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD, we pretty much know what this is. And this cake is definitely for everyone!

      It is comprised of moist chocolate cake as the base with dark chocolate filling, covered with chocolate ganache, dripped with white chocolate.


      This is the answer to the dilemma of all people who are always skeptical whether or not what flavour of cake to choose. Yes, you got it right. It is comprised of chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and mocha cake.

      It is covered with the mocha frosting topped with hershey’s kisses filled with dark and white chocolate ganache.

So, I guess by all these useful information that you can use come Christmas I deserve one piece of Reese’s cupcake, too? Just kidding! I know that with all these sweets, you will also get a treat.


Dear Santa, I know that I have been good this year. So, I think I deserve a treat? 😉 Nevertheless, thank you for 10:31 by Chef M’s Christmas Products.

After all, Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting.

Photos taken by BBC’s official photographer, Bryan Agua.

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