Where To: District on 53rd


Having had the chance to work in the busy streets of IT Park, I know exactly how hard it was to choose where to dine with your friends. Though there were A LOT of food establishments in the area, it was still hard to find a decent place where you can have your local palates be fed with international dishes. But not for too long because recently, Marco and Kate Anzani just answered our mind-boggling question with District on 53rd.

Aside from the good aesthetics, District on 53rd boast its international cuisine. Trust me, you may have a local palate or you may enjoy local dishes, District on 53rd will just prove you that there’s more to life than just eating your local dishes. They sure have all that you will be needing – from appetizers, sandwiches, coffee, wine, cheese, bread, main course dishes and of course, the ever mouthwatering desserts! Yes, they have it all, but not, Pokemon.







I’m not sure if it’s just me who noticed it but, their interior is surely fascinating. It has an urban-industrial design that your eyes will make your feet enter its doors. Yes, it is once again, fascinating! But wait, who will not notice their lights? Tell me, who’s eyes didn’t catch these cute lightings hanging? Yes, no one! But if you missed it, you probably need to re-visit. Trust me, you need to.


At first, I do not really understand why I enjoyed it but, whatever that is, I loved it. From their facade, their interiors, their food, and of course, their friendly staff. What else will you be looking for? Prepare yourselves and introduce your local palate to this “new” international restaurant. Trust me, they will really make a good couple – District on 53rd is best in building relationships with the local palates. It may be a foreigner in our native land but, just give it a try!

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